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When I get dirty, your property gets clean.

Yesterday, I was at a commercial client’s property which needed multiple stories of mildew removed from the front of the apartment building. The mildew was very noticeable and the property management hired me to remove it which I gladly and diligently did. Multi-level buildings usually require lift equipment in order to reach the heights needed apply the detergents to remove the yuck, but where there is a will, there is a way! Lift equipment can be costly to rent by me and thus impacting a building owner’s budget and bottom line, but each situation can be adapted to with some creativity and the correct equipment.

I utilize pressure washing equipment that relies not solely on the pressure but on hot water and volume of water being “pushed” to approximately 45 feet, so this enables me to reach heights others cannot. On a 6 story (roughly 60 feet high) portion of the building, I knew if I could situate a 40-foot ladder correctly and climb 25-30 feet, then this building could have its mildew removed effectively.

From the ladder, I was able to push my detergents to the necessary heights, let the soap dwell and break down the mildew, and thus restore the building to its beautiful self. By using the ladder, I was able to keep costs down significantly while still completing the requested work. It was not easy, comfortable, or quick work, but it turned out beautifully and within budget. So when the overall project is complete, I will add before and after pictures and maybe some video.

For the time being, enjoy this picture of my outfit following the work and just know that I love this work and wear this with pride. The dirty looks a lot better on me than it does on your property!

After a building wash, dirty on me is better than dirty on you and yours.